The Jordanian Center For Chinese Medicine is a complete health entity for treatment with Alternative Medicine. It consists of treatment with Acupunture, Physiotherapy , Medical Massage, Slimming Program, Colon Therapy , Facial and Beauty Care, Laser Therapy and General Health Care.

We are proud of you as a partner in our complete health entity,were the Chinese Medicine, with its traditional and ancient technology meets the western medicine ,with its most advanced modern accomplishments to serve you with the most distinguished and unique level of general health, body and beauty care, and thereby enhancing the ability of the individual performance in everyday life and equip him with the necessary health to meet the fast developing and very tiring pace of modern life, which exhausts the body completely.

We were determined ,since our early start, to provide  this huge medical Enterprise with the  most developed and effective equipments and made sure, that it is equipped with very advanced technology and we have also secured a clinic building, which is nicely furnished for the comfort and convenience of our patients. In addition, have made sure to choose highly skilled staff, who are the best in their specialties in every medical field , which is available at our clinic with the goal of providing a distinguished and complete health care , which is unique in its level of medical technology.

We have always been the first to provide very distinguished , high level health services to meet your assorted body demands, since it is in this excellent Medical Center , you can take advantage of the capabilities of the Arabic as well the Chinese Medicine combined. Our Center is equipped to deal with many diseases , especially the joints disorders, the Slipped Discs diseases, the pain treatment and the Paralysis conditions, the chronic Headaches, the Migraine and the Insomnia, the Stress,the Colon disorders , the Overweight and the Obesity. In addition our Beauty and Facial section deals with such problems as excessive hair, Nevi, Dark Spots , Face Lifting and Wrinkles Removal.

Thank God, we are very proud of our health accomplishments and our success in treating chronic medical conditions in this distinguished Clinic , which is documented in our medical records.This is in addition to the great satisfaction of our patients of our advanced level of care of body beauty , which consists of slimming of excessive weight , removal of excessive hair, and facial treatment.

In spite of the huge development in Medicine, in all its modern and numerous trends, the Chinese Medicine is still considered by many nations at the top of the list of Alternative Medicine for treatment of many medical conditions, that is why we have chosen this kind of treatment in our health entity in order to reach the highest and complete level medical care.